YourRP - Your rules, endless possibilities
Welcome to the official YourRP Docs. If you have questions you can join our Discord.


YourRP is a completely modular game mode for s&box. It can be used for any type of roleplay, it's up to you.


We are currently still planning the game mode, but the following features are planned:
  • Currencies
  • Character Menu
  • Settings Menu (Completely configurable in-game)
  • Inventory
    • Adds a drag and drop inventory
  • Shops
    • Sell your old stuff or buy some new
  • Buildings
    • Sell, buy or upgrade your buildings
  • Jail
    • Punish the players with prisons
  • Hunger, Thist
    • Starve to death or get slower by thirst
  • Stamina
    • Stop unlimited running
  • XP-System
  • Loadout
    • Create loadouts for players to spawn with
  • Logs
    • Event- and playerlogs
  • Chat Channels
    • Chat channels like /ooc, /looc, /say, /me
  • Voice Channels
    • Create channels in which players can communicate
  • Orientation-System
    • Adds: Map, Minimap, Waypoints, Compass (HUD)
  • Report-System
    • Report bugs, players or other things
  • Zones
    • Create and manage zones
    • Create your own rules for zones
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